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Basu Gautam


Basu Gautam, born and raised in the town of Bhairahawa near Lumbini is a motivated and creative individual with over fourteen years of experience working with Nepalese community within Nepal and the United States.

He is an energetic, ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that he undertakes. His past professional experiences include National Program Coordinator of Demo Finland ‘Youth Project’ in Nepal working closely with cross-party political youth and students of Nepal focusing on joint youth agenda and constructive dialogue, National Consultant of UNDP ‘Peace Building and Recovery Unit’ based in Kathmandu, Nepal consultant for United States Institute of Peace (USIP) working with security-sectors and civil society leaders and consultant for Princeton University’s ‘Innovation for Successful Societies’ research program in Nepal to name a few.

He strongly believes in an ideal of freedom, peace, and happiness among and within all nations and/or people and draws inspiration from Siddhartha Gautama famously known as the Buddha. Other notable figures that inspires Gautam include Mohandas Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Swami Vivekananda and Steve Jobs.

Beside his professional life, he is heavily involved in volunteer work through Lumbini World Peace Forum, an organization he is currently President of. Lumbini World Peace Forum is dedicated to promoting peace and social justice through creativity, arts, innovation, cross-cultural dialogue and environmentalism. This is achieved by means of workshops, publications, projects, conferences, exhibitions and virtual activities by which we carry the message of peace into daily life. Lumbini World Peace Forum also organizes photo exhibitions frequently including of Mr. Gautam who is a passionate photographer.

Mr. Gautam holds Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from Strayer University, USA. He is married and has a daughter.



Navin K. Jungali


Navin K Jungali was born on April 1978 A.D in Illam district situated in Eastern Part of Nepal.  He holds Bachelor in Fine Arts and is well-known name in the field of painting and sculpture in Nepal.

Navin’s Exhibitions & Art Activities are as follows:

 1998- “Grand Nepali Art Exhibition”, Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu  1998- “Grand Creators Grand Creations” J Art Gallery, Kathmandu  1998- Inter College Painting Competition, Fine Arts Campus Kathmandu  1999- “First Two Man Show”, Wood Sculpture Exhibition, Nepal Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA)  2006- “The Nature and Life” Paintings and Photographs Exhibition, Ilam  2011- “5 Voices of the Soul” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Kathmandu  2011- ALFRESCO Open Art Exhibition, Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu  2012- Historical Grand Art Exhibition, Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu  2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 National Art and Craft Exhibition organized by Nepal Academy of Fine Arts  2012- Group Art Exhibition, Carei, Satu Mare Museum, Romania  2012- “Two Man Show”, Gmund, Germany  2012- Group Art Exhibition, Rastriya Sabha Griha, Kathmandu  2013- Anti Corruption Campaign, Group Art Exhibition organized by Transparency International and NAFA  2013- “Emotions” Group Art Exhibition, Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu  2013- Group Art exhibition at Ilam organized by Nepal Academy of Fine Arts  2013- ” Shanti ra Sadbhav” Group Art Exhibition by Nepalese and Foreign Artists, Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu.  2013- “Love and Peace” international Group Art Exhibition Nepal Academy of Fine Arts.  2013- U.S. Embassy Art Competition, Kathmandu.  2014- “Collaboration for Peace” A Group Art Exhibition by Nepalese and foreign Artist, Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, Nepal.  2014- “Art Festival”, Lalitkala Campus Bhotahity, Kathmandu, Nepal.  2014- “Unity of Vary” Group Art & Photography Exhibition by Nepalese & Foreign Artist, Ilam, Nepal 2014- “Nepalese Culture” Group Art & Photography Exhibition, Eibiswald, Austria.  2015- Group Art and Photography Exhibition, Graz, Austria.  2015- “La Bellezza Dell Arte Fattore Di Pace” Global Art Exhibition Italy.  2016- Beauty of the Art to the Peace, World Art Exhibition, Organized by Gladys Mabel Cantelmi Art, Argentina  2016- World of Arts Show, Gladys Mabel Cantelmi Art, Italy.  2016- Rosarito Art Festival, Mexico.  2016- ”Art Impact” Collective Art Exhibition, Black Indian Inn, Boston, USA  2016- Collective Art Exhibition, Singapore

Navin’s Painting and Sculpture Workshops:

 Participated in more than 40 Workshops, Symposium & Residency program in Nepal as well as out of Nepal- 2006-2016 3. Awards:  2007- 5th position in designing of Coat of Arms of Nepal Government  2009- 2nd position in Ministry level Poetry competition on the occasion of International Day of Peace  2011- Awarded by Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction for Logo creating of ‘International Day of Peace’ 2009, 2010 and 2011  2012- National Fine Art Special Award, (Contemporary Sculpture) organized by Nepal Academy of Fine Arts.

Navin’s Experiences / Involvement:

 2012- Art Coordinator; “ArtPeace Campaign”, Tilaurakot, Lumbini, Nepal  2013- Art Coordinator; “Collaboration for Peace” Art Workshop, Lumbini, Nepal  Concept Design of National Martyr’s Museum, Gokarna Martyr Park, Kathmandu  Concept Design of Peace Martyr Park, Kanyam, Ilam  Worked in Secretariat of the Special Committee for Supervision, Integration and Rehabilitation of the Maoist Army Combatants.  Worked in Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction Government of Nepal.  Various book cover design, Art, and Philosophic article writing.

Member: Artists’ Society of Nepal.  Life Member: Nepal Red Cross Society, Kathmandu  Vice President: Lumbini World Peace Forum

Country/Museum visited: Germany, France, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia and Romania.

Contact: E-mail: njungali@hotmail.com, www.fineartsnepal.com

Navin’s statement:
Every Natural objects lifetime is defined by the Nature. In this Natural environment the term “Art” defined by human being is actually an object’s shape and type granted by Nature and also an unanswerable tiny expression of knowledge visibly or invisibly residing inside the feelings which can only be felt by human beings five sense organs. As, the flowing liquid makes alive every living being and plants, similarly, art continuously flows within the feelings. So Art is not only on material and equipments it based in the inner real concept of philosophy too.
— Navin Jungali

Some of Navin’s Work:

[mk_gallery images=”1499,1498,1501,1502,1503″ column=”5″ image_size=”medium” image_quality=”1″ item_id=”1486715345-589d79d1812f0″]


BK Nar Bahadur







  • S.L.C. Janata madhyamik Bidhayalaya , Manari, Nawalparasi.
  • B.F.A.  Fine Art College, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • M.F.A. fine art central department T.U. kritipur,Kathmandu Nepal.


  • Commercial Artist Association Of Nepal.
  • Artist Society Of Nepal.
  • Korea Nepal Culture Community.
  • Blossom Art Sangam.
  • Square Artist Group Of Nepal.
  • Owner Of B.K. Art Gallery.

Motto: Save The Nature Through Paintings.


Er. Santosh Aryal


Executive Member

Santosh is an IT Entrepreneur based in Kathmandu and runs an IT firm called Karuna Technology. He deeply cares about peace and harmony and different faith group and has been actively involved with Lumbini World Peach Forum since the very beginning. He also look after the website and Social Media Activities of the Organization.

Bishnu Bishwokarma
Executive Member
Senior Artist

Bishnu Bishwokarma is a painter living and working in Kathmandu. He was born in 1971. His B.F.A was received from Lalit Kala Campus, Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu. In 2007 he participated in the “Longest Art in the World” themed “World Peace “, organized at United Nation House in Kathmandu. He has been seen in numerous exhibitions worldwide. His major exhibition includes “Buddha Darshan”, “Natural Nepal”, “Nari Shakti” to name a few. He is an active member of Dove World Peace Vision, Nepal.


Asmita Verma

Executive Member

When human beings experience physical war, it is not uncommon for their lives to become untangled. My great passion is give healing touch to those people who are victims of wars. So they can fathom peace within themselves, feel complete as persons and enjoy safety of the state. My educational background includes pursuing MA in International Relations from Amity University, Noida, India. I have a B.A in Political Science and English Literature from Padma Kanya College, Kathmandu, Nepal. I also contribute as a freelance writer and comment on current and political affairs and served as United States Youth Advisory Council member for 2014/15. I am elected central committee member to Nepal Students’ Union, a sister organization of Nepali Congress. I believe peace is not a one day process. Today’s world needs to get rid of wars and spread love and harmony.


Bimal Subedi

Executive Member

Bimal Subedi-33,  specialized ( master degree)   in Theatre Techniques, Design and Direction from National School of Drama (NSD), New Delhi, India which is the most prestigious college of The world. A devoted theatre  and Film creator, Subedi takes challenge with texts and, like a blacksmith; he transforms it to the stage adorned with apt interpretation and innovative designs and direction.

He has worked with many eminent directors and designers from home and abroad and he has produced a number of critically acclaimed plays to his credit which got internationally recognition.  The Prince Sold (a play inspired from Shakespeare’s Macbeth),  King Lear, Othello, Karna, White night, Active Space (written by him which was  inspired by true story of Royal massacre of Nepal and current political scenario and William Golding’s Novel  Lord of the Flies), Yerma, Charumati, the princess of garden, night with Mao, Miniature Moments of Life (an adaptation of Craig Tayler’s One Million Tiny Plays about Britain), sandaju Ko mahabharat, Hamlet are the recent plays designed and directed by Subedi and Bharat International Theatre Festival was inaugurated with his play in 2013. And critically acclaimed.


Binod Balami

Executive Member

Binod Balami is a well renowned artist and peace activist of Nepal.

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