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International Advisor

Prof. S. A. R. P. V. Chaturvedi

Founder – Managing Trustee of Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust


Prof. S A R Prasanna Venkatachariar Chaturvedi is Head – Sri Sudarshana Peetam – follower of Sri Ramanuja School of Vaishnavite Thought (Qualified Monism) having lakhs of followers and admirers throughout India and abroad. He is Founder – Managing Trustee of Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust, a social service organization patronizing and guiding thousands of NGOs and also a prestigious member of World Association for NGOs. He is also Founder – Managing Trustee of Sri Bhashyakara Charitable Trust, a religious service organization sponsoring temple maintenance, renovations & festivals, book publications and other similar contributions and Founder – Director, Forum Of Scientists Aiming at Peace And Harmony(FOSAPAH) as well as President, Association for Inter-Religious Understanding, an institutional member of United Religions Initiative (URI), San Francisco.

Advisory Committee 

Shobhakar Budhathoki 

Conflict Resolution and Security Specialist & Human Rights Advocate


Budhathoki was born in western part of Nepal in Dang district. He moved to the capital Kathmandu for higher education and received BA in political science from Tribhuvan University (Nepal), and earned his MA in Peace and Justice Studies from the University of San Diego (USA) focusing on conflict resolution, human rights and international relation.

He began his professional career as human rights advocate in 1993 and has specialized his expertise in security and rule of law; conflict resolution and peacebuilding; transitional justice and accountability; police reform including democratic and community-oriented policing, police – public relation; criminal justice reform, serious crime, etc.; security sector and institutional reform; Justice and Security Dialogues; human rights, press freedom and freedom of expression; and electoral reform and security.

Throughout his career, Budhathoki has served for numerous national and international institutions, including Institute for Integrated Transitions (South Asia Research Coordinator:  June – December 2016); Bauman Global for United States Institute for Peace’s Justice and Security Dialogue Program in Nepal (Consultant: September – December); Search for Common Ground, Nepal (Research Coordinator as Consultant: April – August 2015); United States Institute of Peace (Consultant and National Advisor to Nepal: September 2006 – February 2015); Amnesty International Group 3 (Advisor: 2006 – 2015); Himalayan Whitehouse College, Purbanchal University (Faculty for Conflict Management and Negotiation: July 2008 – September 2010); National Dalit Commission (Research Coordinator as Consultant: October 2008 – May 2009); Center for Security Sector Management, Cranfield University (Asia Program Manager: May 2008 – April 2009); Nepal Institute for Policy Studies (Founding Vice-chairperson: 2008 – 2010); National Election Observation Committee (Executive Committee Member: 2007 – 2009 and secretariat coordinator and election observer since 1997); Human Rights Home (Founding Steering Committee Member and Interim Coordinator: September 2006 – December 2007 ); Defend Human Rights Movement as known as Group of 25 Human Rights Organizations (Founding Co-coordinator: 2005 – 2006); Center for Human Rights and Democratic Studies (Founding General Secretary and Executive Director: December 1999 – April 26, 2005); United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (Human Rights Officer: February 2002 – June 2003); United Nations Mission in Kosovo (International Registration Supervisor: April – October 2000); United Nations Assistance Mission in East Timor (District Electoral Officer: July – September 1999); and INHURED International (July 1993 – December 1999).

Budhathoki is currently associated with number of other organizations, including Peace and Justice Promotion Center (President: since 2014); Justice and Security Network (Principle Facilitator: since 2014); Amnesty International (Member: since 1996), International Center for Peace Studies, India (International Coordinator: since 2002); Informal Sector Service Center (Member: since 2012), Friends for Peace (Member: since 2011); and Accountability Watch Committee (Executive Committee Member: since 2009). Similarly, he has been involved in the process of developing policy papers and strategic plans for the Nepal Police, and is regularly invited as a Resource Person in their trainings, workshops and policy formulation programs, as well as teaching as Guest Speaker by the Nepal Police in its Headquarters, Nepal Police Academy, Metro Police, Detective School, and Regional Training Centers on human rights, community policing, serious crime, police – public relationship, etc. since 2008.

Budhathoki has made numerous presentations in his areas of expertise in national and international forums. He has authored and edited dozen of books and reports as well as contributed hundreds of opinion pieces and chapters for international and national publications on different issues, including peace process, peacebuilding, human rights, transitional justice, security sector reform, serious crime, policing and community policing, rule of law, criminal justice system, institutional reform, etc. He is also one of the regular contributor to Nepal Police publications, and various other newspapers and journals in Nepali and English languages.

He can be reached through peace.sb@gmail.com or peace_sb@yahoo.com and 977 1 6630079 (R), 977 98510 53922 (cell).

Dharmendra Jha

Former President of Federation of Nepali Journalists

D J 1

 Dharmendra Jha is a well-known Journalist and former President of Federation of Nepali Journalists.

Current position :

  • Senior News Consultant-Himalaya Television, Kathmandu
  • General Secretary- Freedom Forum, Nepal
  • External Facilitator (Consultant)- CPP(SCDP)/UNDP
  • Advisor- Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) Central Committee
  • Advisor – Nepali Writer Association, Central Committee
  • Advisor- Madhesh Journalists Association, Central Committee, Kathmandu
  • Editor-Sthaniya Prajatantra(A magazine of   Association of District Development Committee(ADDCN), Nepal)
  • Consultant Editor – Appan Mithila, Maithili Monthly -Kathmandu
  • Executive Member- International Press Institute, Nepal Chapter
  • Member- National Steering Committee on RTI ( 18th May 2011-till now)
  • Honorary Member- Asian Journalists Association (AJA)
  • Trainer- Nepal Press Institute, Kathmandu.


Work experience:

  • Member – High Level Committee for Information and Communication, Nepal Govt.          ( Media Policy 2073 is formulated by this Committee)
  • President- Federation Of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) Central Committee, May 2008-May 2011
  • Member- IFEX, Advocacy and Campaign Committee- June 2009 – June 2011.
  • Reserve Advisor- International Federation Of Journalists(IFJ) May 2010 -June 2013
  • Deputy News Editor -Annapurna Post, May 2006-October 2013
  • Member – Press Council, Nepal ( May 2008-May 2011)
  • Member – Journalists’ Minimum Wage Fixation Committee(May 2008-May 2011)
  • Member- National Planning Council, Nepal (2008-2011)
  • Member- Nepal Tourism Year (Governing Board) -2011
  • Executive Member- FNJ, Central committee (2056-2059 BS)
  • Executive Member- Nepal Press Institute (2007-2009)
  • Treasurer-South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA), Nepal chapter (2007-2009)
  • Executive Editor-Himalaya Times (A vernacular daily, Kathmandu)Nov 2004-Feb 2006
  • Council member – Tribhuvan university, Kathmandu, Nepal (2008-2011)
  • Member – Mass communication and Journalism subject committee, Mass communication and Journalism Central Department, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu
  • Member – Mass communication and Journalism subject committee, Mass communication and Journalism Central Department, Purwanchal University, Biratnagar
  • Member – Maithili subject committee -Higher secondary education board
  • Public Promotion &Media relation Expert- Raising Income for  Small and Medium Farmer Project (RISMFP)
  • Related in various time with, Himalaya Times Vernacular daily, Rastrapukar weekly-KTM, Sandhyakalin Dainik Aaknksha-JPR, Nav Vichhar weekly-JPR, Dainik Chhahara-JPR, Videh weekly-JPR, Weekly Jan Aakanksha-JPR, Mithilavani Maithili Monthly-JPR, Dhadhara Maithili Monthly -JPR Mithilanjali Maithili Monthly -KTM, Anweshan Monyhly-KTM, Pallav Maithili Monthly-KTM, Sthaniya Vlkash Times KTM
  • Journalism Started – BS – 2044 from CHAHAL PAHAL wall paper-RRM Campus JPR, JAN AAKANKSHA weekly-2045 JPR
  • Involve in Activism of Media Right, Freedom of Expression and RTI


 Worked as Trainer/Facilitator/Mentor:

  • Worked as a Trainer/Facilitator for FOE (Freedom of Expression), RTI (Right To Information), Journalism, Collaborative Leadership and Dialogue(CLD), Early Warning Early Response (EWER), Land Policy, Social Cohesion and Democratic participation(SCDP) and Local Governance-  As a trainer, Training Organized by  Nepal Press Institute (NPI), FNJ,  Freedom Forum (FF),  Citizen Campaign for Right to Information (CCRI), Jagaran Media Centre, Nepal Press Union, Far west Media Development Centre (FMDC), Federation of Nepalese Indigenous Journalists (FONIJ), Dalit NGO Federation (DNF), Department of Information –Nepal Gov, Press Council Nepal, UNDP-LRP (Livelihood Recovery Project), UNDP-CPP, UNDP-SCDP, ADDCN, International alert, National Association of VDC Nepal  (NAVIN) National Human Right Commission(NHRC), Muslim Welfare Society Nepal (MWSN), Media Advocacy Group (MAG), National Information Commission (NIC), Election Commission, Committed Nepal, Equal Access, International Alert, A Social Democratic Asia,  Free Press Unlimited, USAID and others. (Facilitation Started from January-2002). In addition, I have been engaged in institutional development of organizations working on RTI through the process of organizational assessment, mentoring and technical support as required.


        Education :

  • Masters of Arts -Specialization in Maithili Language and Literature, Tribuvan University, KathmanduNepal ,1997
  • Masters of Arts -Political Science, Tribuvan University, Kathmandu Nepal, 1994
  • Diploma in Development Journalism -Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) -New Delhi, India, August –November 2002



  • Simulated Newsroom Training- 1999 Kathmandu, Nepal, Organized by – NPI/PANOS/British Council
  • Workshop on textbook writing of Mother language-2057/07/21-25, Ministry of Education and sports, Curriculum Development Centre, Sanothimi
  • Training of Trainers (TOT) in Journalism–January 2003- August 2007, Organized by -Danish School of Journalism/Nepal Press Institute,
  • Diploma in development of professional standard in Media-18thApril-20thMay 2007, Organized by -Delphi International world learning program, Washington DC,  USA, supported by US state Department.
  • Train the trainer (TOT) for Trade union leadership- 7th-10th September, 2008, Kathmandu, Nepal, Organized by – International Federation of Journalists(IFJ)
  • Collaborative Leadership And Dialogue(CLD) Interactive Workshop-8,9 August 2012 Godavari, Lalitpur, Organized by UNDP/CLD .
  • Training of Trainers (TOT), Political Leadership in Grass route Political Workers- 12- 15, September 2012 Bhaktapur, Organized by NCPTA.
  • Training of Trainers (TOT), Collaborative Leadership and Dialogue (CLD) – 10- 12, December 2012 Godavari, Lalitpur,  Organized by- UNDP/CLD.
  • Training of Trainers (TOT), Media and Election, Election Commission, Nepal, 2013
  • Training Course on Facilitation, Mediation and Dialogue, 24-28th October 2016, organized by Nepal Transit to Peace Institute, Kathmandu Nepal.


Worked as Translator :

  • Nepali-Maithili-Hindi. English-Nepali-Maithili and vise versa. Worked for- UNDP, UN WOMEN, CCD,  ILO, Save the children UK, DANIDA, Article-19, FNJ, NPI,  FF, Ministry of Health,  Ministry of Education,  INSEC,  Jagaran Media Centre, Taleju Publication, ADDCN, NAVIN, ICTJ, CCRI


    International Participation:

  • South Asian Senior Editors’ conference -July 2007 Dhaka, Bangladesh( jointly organized by ICRC, University of Dhaka and Press Institute of Bangladesh.)
  • Asian seminar of Global Forum of Media Development(GFMD) July 2008, Negombo, Sri Lanka
  • 15th Summit of South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation(SAARC) August 2008, Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • IFEX general meeting- 31st May-6th Jun 2009Oslo, Norway
  • IPI World Congress-7th-10th Jun 2009Helsinki, Finland
  • South Asian Regional Conference on Press Freedom -3rd-4th May 2009, Kathmandu, Nepal(Organized by-Federation of Nepali Journalist/UNESCO)
  • World Congress of International Federation Of Journalists(IFJ)-28th May -2nd June 2010, Cadiz, Spain
  • International Partnership Meeting- 22nd-23rd November 2010 – Paris (France) Organized by UNESCO and IMS
  • South Asian Regional conference on RTI, 2010 New Delhi, India. Organized by World Bank and Indian Institute of Public Administration.
  • 9th South Asian Media Summit -14th-16th October 2012, Goa, India (GIC/ MICCI/ FES India)
  • International Peace Conference, 15th -17th November 2016, Kathmandu (NTTPI Kathmandu Nepal)
  • Janakpur Art and Literature Festival, Janakpur, 11-13 December 2016 (participated as a Panelist of a session based on Federalism and Mithila)


  Prize / Awards / Honor:

  • Nepal vidyabhushan ‘Kha’- 2055 BS(Education Ministry, Government of Nepal)
  • Press Trust of India (PTI) award- 2002 (IIMC, New Delhi, India)
  • Vidhyapati Memorial Award-2065 BS, Ramanand Youth Club Janakpurdham
  • Vidhyapati Samman (Honor) -2008, Vidhyapati Sewa Sansthan, Darbhanga  Bihar, India.
  • Rastriya Pratibha puraskar (National Talent Award-2064/65 BS)- Government of Nepal.
  • Nepal Samman (Honor) -2067 ( Sagarmatha Pratisthan, Nepal)
  • Suryabhakta Patnadevi Memorial National Journalism Award-2068 (2011),  Nepal Press Union, Nawalparasi, Nepal.
  • Nona Koirala Memorial National Journalism Award- 2068(2012), Nona Koirala Memorial Foundation Biratnagar, Nepal.
  • Cheese Kumar –Bishnu Kumari Memorial  National Journalism Award, 2071, Nepal Press Union, Chitwan
  • Prawal Jana Sewa Shree (President Madel-2071), Nepal Government
  • National Journalism Award 2071, Nepal Govt. Ministry of Information & Communication
  • Parwati Memorial award 2072 (Parwati Memorial trust KTM) -.



  • Pro-active Journalism (in Nepali language) Editor
  • Text Books of Maithili for Primary Level (Grade 1 to 5) Co-author
  • Children reference books in Maithili (Three books in different topics) co-author
  • Constituent Assembly, Inclusion and Media (In Nepali) Published by SAFMA Nepal, Editor
  • Journalism-One year of Crisis ( Published by Federation of Nepali Journalists, Published in Nepali and English) 2009, Coordinator
  • Adalati Patrakarita (Court reporting, in Nepali)
  • Freedom of Expression Agenda for change ( Translation in Maithili)
  • Write to Information (Suchanak hak – Translation in Maithili )
  • Journalism- year of Self Censorship ( Published by Federation of Nepali Journalists, Published in Nepali and English) 2011, Coordinator
  • Important examples RTI applications facilitated by RTI center (in Nepali). Published by CCRI, August 2015( Shrwan 2072) Co-writer
  • Tool of Change (Success Stories derived by the use of Right to Information) Published-CCRI August 2015, in English and Nepali) Editor
  • Sushil Da Samjhana ma, 2073, in Nepali, Published by Nepali Congress Central Committee, (Exucative Editor)


Study Involvement:

  • Current Legal Status of Murdered and Disappeared Journalists of Nepal (During 1996  to till now, November 2016)
  • Status of Maithili Mythak (work for Nepal Academy) 2015/16
  • Status of safety for Working Women Journalists (work for Freedom Forum/UNESCO/IMS) 2015
  • Understanding on Freedom of Expression of stakeholders in Chitwan, Ilam, Parsa, Okhaldhunga and Parsa district(work for Freedom Forum/UNESCO) 2014
  • Use of RTI in local body: Analysis and Impact assessment (Freedom Forum) 2013/2014
  • Collection and Analysis of folk stories related with Gonu Jha, 1996/97



Maithili, Nepali, Hindi, English, Awadhi and Bhojpuri

Visit :

India, United States of America, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Qatar, Norway, Finland,                       Denmark, Sweden, South Korea, Malaysia, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, The Netherland, Luxemburg, Germany,  United Arab Emirates, Lebanon


Chetan Raj Pant

Lumbini Activist and Renowned Journalist of Nepal



Engaged with TV media & broadcasting since last 12 years and has been associated with the production of various documentaries about lumbini and many more, news & information related current event, socio economic, cultural. Human interests, etc

Involved in various programmers relating to Media Campaign of Anti-Human Trafficking in Cross Border in Rupandehi.

has produced many video documentaries related with Lumbini: The Birthplace of the Buddha and Ancient Kapilavastu which is uploaded in you tube as in link Chetan Pant.

Ex Employee: Assistant Manager Nepal Rastra Bank,(Voluntarily retired)

Adviser: President of Siddhartha Nagar chamber of commerce(SICCI) and Siddhartha Nagar hotel Association of Nepal(SHAN)

Rewards & Achievements:

Best environmental, peace & human right reporting award by Rupandehi Federation of Journalist Nepal.

Letter of Appreciation from world Hindu federation for contribution in its convention through media.

Letter of Appreciation from lumbini development trust for the contribution in first & second world buddhist summit at lumbini in1989 and 2004 A.D,and lettetr of appreciation in 2013 for lumbini tourism promotion in 2557 Buddha Jayanti.

Awarded as Lumbini Ambassador by Lumbini Kapilavastu day Australia in Kathmandu in 2013 and Avadh Samaj awarded for best work for Lumbini promotion By Indian ambassador to Nepal Ranjit Ray in 2014 at Bhairahawa.

Foreign visits:

USA, Hong-Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Qatar, Bangladesh & India.


TTAA Fair Bangkok 2009, South Asian Anti-Human Trafficking Conference Luck now, India 2003. 3rd Himalayan Tourism Fair 2010 Kathmandu ,Photo exhibition about Buddhist sites in Hong Kong, USA and ,Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia.

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